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RPM Challenge 2013: A Very Different Tune

Hokey Air Travel Album Cover Front

For those of you who don’t know, I run some music related stuff over at h0key.net.  Part of what I besides chronicling concerts is actually making music.  My schedule fills up fast so more often than not, I run out of time exploring.  Enter the RPM Challenge.  It’s a February long challenge to produce an album.  No strings, no expectations, and no real quality levels.  Just make.  This year was my second crack at it and it ended being a much different experience. Continue reading RPM Challenge 2013: A Very Different Tune

My, What A Nice Set of Cans You Have

No, not those kind of cans, but the kind you can wrap around your head.  Okay still, I’m talking about headphones.  Since starting at my awesome new job, there have been some freedoms that I have been accustomed to that are no longer there.  One of them has been the ability to stream audio.  That’s all fine and dandy as I have an iPod Touch that I bought because I had to give up my iPhone from the old job.  So, what’s a somewhat young and enterprising programmer supposed to do?  Upgrade the ear buds to a portable audiophile rig.  Here’s what I did.

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My SXSW Gimmick Bag

I’m not afraid to say that I like wrestling and I tend to keep up on what’s going on with the squared circle. I’ve even hit up some local independent shows and got to know some professional wrestlers. That’s fine. Please don’t judge. My point is that with every professional wrestler there comes a gimmick bag. A gimmick bag is the gear that wrestle uses to get himself into character. Say Hacksaw Jim Duggan has his 2×4 or Kurt Angle his gold medals.

Well, it just so happens that I have a gimmick bag myself. No, not for the wrestling ring, but for the blogging ring! Some people call it gear bags, but come on, a gimmick bag sounds much more fun. What you see above is what will be lugged around my shoulders for about 10 days. Notice there isn’t everything, but it should be enough for me to be mobile without having to shut one thing down completely. Here’s the list:

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SXSW Day 4: Full Day Fanatacism

Okay, so I kicked this one off a little later than usaul, but that’s because I logged in the fullest day so far here at SXSW.  The official tally is 6 panels, 2 happy hours, and 1 wet party.  I’m a little under the weather this morning but that’s due to the massive amount of stuff that I and my lovely girlfriend did and the rain storm that hit us last night.  Don’t fret, however, we are taking it easy this morning and heading back down to the convention center to try and make a couple of more panels and keynotes on the last day of the Interactive portion of SXSW.  There’s much to go over, so I’ll try to make it condensed.

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