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SXSW 2011 Day 2: Time Has No Meaning Here

Hey! You may be wondering, “Did SXSW swallow Mike whole?” I’m back today to say no way. The last two days have been a blur of tech, meetups, and parties. I am utilizing my time way more than last year and because of that I haven’t had the to report all of the action. So, bear with me as I try to run down what’s happened. Let’s start with Saturday all quick fire style: Continue reading SXSW 2011 Day 2: Time Has No Meaning Here

SXSW Day 4: Full Day Fanatacism

Okay, so I kicked this one off a little later than usaul, but that’s because I logged in the fullest day so far here at SXSW.  The official tally is 6 panels, 2 happy hours, and 1 wet party.  I’m a little under the weather this morning but that’s due to the massive amount of stuff that I and my lovely girlfriend did and the rain storm that hit us last night.  Don’t fret, however, we are taking it easy this morning and heading back down to the convention center to try and make a couple of more panels and keynotes on the last day of the Interactive portion of SXSW.  There’s much to go over, so I’ll try to make it condensed.

Continue reading SXSW Day 4: Full Day Fanatacism