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HP, Please Bring Me Some Synergy

It’s kind of a rant but here we go. I was totally into the Palm Pre and early adopted all over the device, even jumping from Verizon to Sprint. The first couple of months were great, but after a year I found myself unhappy. It was a little bit after that time that Palm got bought out by HP. So a couple of weeks ago HP announced a whole new line up of webOS phones along with some tantalizing teases. Is this enough to keep me on webOS?

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The Pre is in the Palm of my Hand


Coming in a little late than the rest of the pack is my Palm Pre review.  Hey I was too busy playing with it, er, analyzing it to the best of my abilities so I can give a fair handshake to this polished stone looking device.  We are going to cover the hardware side of things.   We are going to cover the software side of things.  Up and downs, what’s good and what’s not, and what we have to look forward to are all topics that I will cover.  Oh, yeah, the massive cell phone search ended.  I have a Palm Pre.

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Cell Phone Search Update

Old Cellphone

On St. Patrick’s Day, most of the web is teeming over the announcement of the iPhone 3.0 SDK and I figured that it was time to update my cell phone search.  It’s been a couple of months since I first talked about my search and some things have changed.  I still don’t know what to go for yet, but the last revelations from Apple, Palm, HTC, and Blackberry have helped me figure out where to aim when I finally pull the trigger.  Oh and by the way, the contract is now month to month.

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