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RPM Challenge 2013: A Very Different Tune

Hokey Air Travel Album Cover Front

For those of you who don’t know, I run some music related stuff over at  Part of what I besides chronicling concerts is actually making music.  My schedule fills up fast so more often than not, I run out of time exploring.  Enter the RPM Challenge.  It’s a February long challenge to produce an album.  No strings, no expectations, and no real quality levels.  Just make.  This year was my second crack at it and it ended being a much different experience. Continue reading RPM Challenge 2013: A Very Different Tune

Sporting Music Technology


I workout but I need to stay connected.  Connected to the internet?  Well, not so much, but it does help.  Connected to music?  Definitely.  It’s the major motivating factor in my, and probably your, workout routine.  There’s just so many pains around the delivery that makes the routine hard to manage.  Welp, I think I finally found a way to make it easy.  And all on the cheap too. Continue reading Sporting Music Technology

SXSW Day 05: Brogrammer Up!

Yes, Tuesday was the last day of SXSW Interactive and I’m starting to get bogged down.  It’s a good that all I have to do is drink more Red Bull and pop the ole collar here.  In all seriousness, the day’s events for Tuesday went from learning to exploring to networking to partying.  My voice is gone and my legs are dead.  But it was all worth it to me. Continue reading SXSW Day 05: Brogrammer Up!

SXSW 2012 Day 04: Battery Almost Charged

Now that the rain was behind us, it was time to make up for lost outside time. Monday brought some travelling as well as some gathering. I only attended 3 panels, but they were all pretty much worth it. The rest of the day was good ole booth to booth fun. After Tuesday, it’s all music and all anight. So Monday was a way lighter day. Continue reading SXSW 2012 Day 04: Battery Almost Charged

SXSW Day 03: SUNday Funday

Sunday started out raining but it ended up being a SUNdat fun day. Yeah, puns all over the place. I ran throug some sessions, got some grub and schwag, and shook hands with a real cool. All while it from cold and rainy to warm and sunny. It was like the sun energized the whole crowd. Let’s look at the talks: Continue reading SXSW Day 03: SUNday Funday