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My, What A Nice Set of Cans You Have

No, not those kind of cans, but the kind you can wrap around your head.  Okay still, I’m talking about headphones.  Since starting at my awesome new job, there have been some freedoms that I have been accustomed to that are no longer there.  One of them has been the ability to stream audio.  That’s all fine and dandy as I have an iPod Touch that I bought because I had to give up my iPhone from the old job.  So, what’s a somewhat young and enterprising programmer supposed to do?  Upgrade the ear buds to a portable audiophile rig.  Here’s what I did.

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SXSW Day 7: The Panels Are Running Thin

Alrighty today saw me hit up more of the music parties than some of the panels.  I wanted to go to a songwriting panel but they A) moved it on me and B) ended up cancelling it.  Oh well.  What I’ve learned down here more than anything else is that you just need to keep moving.

The one event I did make was the Ableton Live demo.  Basically, the product guy from Ableton Live showed off some of the cool features of the program.  What I learned was not only does Ableton do a great job of layering live elements, but it can also switch to a linear view to edit in a more traditional DAW style.  I also got some info about the APC40  and will be doing some research on it when I get back.  That’s about it for the panels today.  Check my music blog for the show run downs.

SXSW Day 6: Still Going Strong

Alrighty, the Interactive portion is done, but I’m still going strong.  Please head on over to Helping Zero Knives Enter You, my music blog, for a roundup of what music I’m checking out for SXSW.  In the meantime, I’ll be blasting the panels I will attend during the day before rocking out at night.

The only panel I made yesterday talked about how people will listen to music in 2020.  Some representatives from SoundCloud and were there as well as some other music industry types.  They talked about how streaming is the big uptake now.  They were quick to point out that it will fall in line with a preference rather than a dominating choice.  The question of money came up not only for streaming but also for terrestial radio and it provided for some heated discussion.  I can know see the point of of view for charging radio stations to pay for per play licensing like interent radio.

So that’s about it.  The music yesterday was awesome and I encourage you to check out this blog as well as my music blog to follow along.  Peace!

SXSW Day 5: Ramping Down Then Ramping Up

Day 5 of this mish mash of culture here in Austin and SXSW left me experiencing a true intermission.  The Ineractive portion winded down while the Music portion is winding up.  I took the opportunity to head out the lobby and get myself a drink.  Speaking of drink, the early morning rain scared us from walking to SXSW and we ended up taking a cab to catch the afternoon’s events.  Even though I had a small number of panels, it ended up being very beneficial and marked a great transition to the Music portion of the show.   Oh, and the closing party rocked.

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SXSW Day 4: Full Day Fanatacism

Okay, so I kicked this one off a little later than usaul, but that’s because I logged in the fullest day so far here at SXSW.  The official tally is 6 panels, 2 happy hours, and 1 wet party.  I’m a little under the weather this morning but that’s due to the massive amount of stuff that I and my lovely girlfriend did and the rain storm that hit us last night.  Don’t fret, however, we are taking it easy this morning and heading back down to the convention center to try and make a couple of more panels and keynotes on the last day of the Interactive portion of SXSW.  There’s much to go over, so I’ll try to make it condensed.

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