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SXSW Day 6: Still Going Strong

Alrighty, the Interactive portion is done, but I’m still going strong.  Please head on over to Helping Zero Knives Enter You, my music blog, for a roundup of what music I’m checking out for SXSW.  In the meantime, I’ll be blasting the panels I will attend during the day before rocking out at night.

The only panel I made yesterday talked about how people will listen to music in 2020.  Some representatives from SoundCloud and Last.fm were there as well as some other music industry types.  They talked about how streaming is the big uptake now.  They were quick to point out that it will fall in line with a preference rather than a dominating choice.  The question of money came up not only for streaming but also for terrestial radio and it provided for some heated discussion.  I can know see the point of of view for charging radio stations to pay for per play licensing like interent radio.

So that’s about it.  The music yesterday was awesome and I encourage you to check out this blog as well as my music blog to follow along.  Peace!