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Spring Cleaning! 2010 Edition

Now that I’ve fully recovered from SXSW, it’s high time I start cleaning up.  The schwag mountain spilled over and caused some damage but I got it under control.  So now it’s time to spring clean my workflow and social media usage.  I subscribe to this, follow that, or just end up trying to fill up big holes in my life with tiny sand distractions that it gets way too overwhelming, as I’m sure others can identify.  Once I realize that, then I know it’s time to pare down my workflow and regroup.  It’s not a perfect system, but when it comes time for a change I’m ready to make it.  So how am I doing this?  Glad you asked.

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Twittering Around


It’s been quiet the last month or so but I have been active online in another format: Twitter.  So here’s a couple of resources I’ve been using and my thoughts on them.  I grouped the sites by different actions or contexts.  The river is wide in tweet-dom so I need some tool that can help me follow like minded twitters.  Because there’s so many, I also would like to see where I rank among the them.  A couple of utilities would be nice to help manage my Twitter account.  Finally, there’s a growing set of applications for Twitter so I need a place to look up any new apps that might fit in whatever mode I am twittering around.

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