SXSW’s 2nd Verse, the Same as the First

Just thought I’d drop a note and say I’ll be at SXSW again next month.  Last year was a blast and a signed up again to ride the wild horse in Austin.  Already there are tons of interactive talks I starred and locked in to my schedule and I’m sure there will be more to come.  The music showcases already have plenty of new and old school bands ready to rock my world.  All in all, I super excited to go and I hope to meet anybody else heading out there next month.

I’m hoping to take away a little bit more this year.   Last year was my first time so my expectations were set mega low.  Of course, those expectations were blown away otherwise I wouldn’t be going back.  That said, I’m hoping to build on what learned from last year.  The big thing for me was node.js and I’m anxious to see what others have done with this tasty JavaScript program.  My people skills are way better in a bar than in a conference room so I’m hoping to marry the two together and get to know more peeps.  My place of employment is more into what I’m doing down there so government and technology is big on the list.  All in all it should be another massive sponge soaking of knowledge.

The big issue I had with last year was the hotel location.  My beautiful girlfriend and I fixed that situation.  We’re alot closer and will be spending lease in hotel time.  The lines are going to be another big issue so I hope SXSW employs the early ticket line thingy they did last year.   Although, last year was a nightmare trying to get into the Predators preview.  We waited 2 hours and were turned away.  Never again, especially for film.

The film portion does not float our boat so much and that’s no big deal.  It would be more appealing if we were able to get into what we wanted to see without 2 hour waits.  The line solution worked great for music but it didn’t for the film.  There were two, maybe three films I saw last year and only one of them was mildly entertaining.   I think SXSW knows this because they do not sell an ‘Interactive + Music’ badge.   They do other types of badges but not for that.  So, if I’m lucky I may catch and enjoy a film.

SXSW is less than three weeks away and I’ll be reporting every cool and not so cool thing during my trip.  I may have some extra surprises in store but it will reveal itself in due time.  Oh, and we’re driving down again.  Look for some updates on the road as well.  Buckle in buddies, SXSW will more than likely kick me in my ass again and you’ll get to witness the destruction.