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The Roads and the Internets

I just wanted to point out real quick how cool it is today that I can ride shotgun in a travelling car and be able to function like I would normally during the day. That’s right, I have my Palm Pre rocking some FreeTether sucking down my unlimited Sprint data plan. All the while, I’m snapping some pics of the Kodak Playsport and uploading them on my HP dm1z. This is the first true taste of technical mobility and I love it. It’s a good thing I’m not driving or else I would be in a ditch by now.

Oh hey, you might be wondering, “Why are you doing this, Mike?” The answer is simple. I’m on the road to Austin and SXSW. I’ll do my darndest to blog and record every item I can on the way. Today so far had work then road. It’s not over yet, though. I’m crashing with a great friend of mine in Wichita tonight then making my way toward Austin tomorrow morning. I, of course, couldn’t make it without my lovely girlfriend so I owe a great deal to her. That said, I look forward to whipping her in some Settlers of Catan later tonight.

That sheep is all MINE!