SXSW Day 8: Everybody’s Swarming For The Weekend

No day panels today.  We tossed that out the window after the mis-managed scheduling of the of the songwriter panel.  So with gig bag in hand, I headed out to the parties on 6th street with my lovely girlfriend.  The day parties went great and we got our fill of drinks and schwag.  We opted for the super secret Muse show at Stubb’s and enjoyed every second of it.  But the biggest thing I took away from SXSW today was somehing special.

I remember a cab driver tell me that we didn’t even know what would hit us when the weekend showed up.  After we got out of Stubb’s, I now know.  The streets were spilling over with people constantly moving.  We’re talking jam packed with all different types of people, not just the badge holders.  What was on those streets was pure humanity.  Every culture of every type represented.  It was like the Olympics.  Except instead of competing, the world’s best in music got together to celebrate.  And it will only get more crowded tomorrow.