The Old About Page

Growing up like any kid during the late 80’s to early 90’s, I spent my time playing as many video games as I could. Naturally, this grew into an interest in computing. I remember when my father brought home his old office computer in favor of a new one. It took about 2 months, but eventually I was using the machine more than my Nintendo.

In high school, I let my love for computers blossom into a real passion for technology. As I enrolled in computer programming classes and entered contests, I learned simple things like spreadsheet tasks to complex things like genetic algorithms. I had more fun than a teenager should be allowed. This fostered my desire to pursue computer science into college. There was another piece of myself growing too, however.

Back as a little Mike, I would cringe when my parents sang along to tunes on the oldies radio station. Well, after the horrible decade of music known as the 80’s, my music sense came to age. I really did not start paying attention to music until high school. The night I remember when it all change for me was a senior football trip down to the Lake of the Ozarks.

Some friends of mine brought their entire Pink Floyd collection. I distinctly remember listening to the Dark Side of the Moon while watching the moonglow shine over the lake and the campfire shimmering in front of me. After that moment, music meant more than just background static. It became a more potent air for me to breathe in and exhale out emotion. That trip changed my life forever.

Armed with my two passions, I enrolled as a computer science and electrical engineering student at Kansas State University. Ever since I was little, my father instilled a great work ethic inside of me. Couple that with discipline learned from sports in high school, and you found me at KSU taking classes as well as having two jobs. Even though I dropped the electrical engineering major, I always kept myself busy.

Working for KSU’s continuing education program taught me a lot about process in software development. I also had the fortune of enjoying some top quality gadgetry and the excitement of integrating them into the system. Meanwhile, I logged hours working for the university’s radio station. My job was webmaster, but it was so much more. I immersed myself in the website design as well as in the music that was readily available to my thirsty ears.

By the end of college, I racked up some hefty coding hours under my belt as well as an impressive music equipment collection. I also came full circle with taking an artificial intelligence class and yes, there was genetic programming involved. Altogether, college was a blast and I am content with what I accomplished there. Post graduation was a different story.

I graduated in December of 2001. The time was tight for all of us that fateful winter. An aftershock of the tragedy was the drying of the technology market. Because of that, I took odd jobs, did manual labor, drudged through unemployment, and even did help desk support over the phone (my attempt at being funny). It was rough for me but the lessons learned through those years I will never forget.

One such lesson is that I should do what I enjoy and do it now. It sounds simple, but practicing that lesson is a battle that a surprising number of people end up losing. I guess you can say this website is the evolution of that idea. This is my first serious attempt at doing what I enjoy. I love programming. I love music. What you will see here is a marriage of the two.

That’s not to say it is the only focus. I offer my services to anyone who feels I am a good fit within their organization. Whether on a consulting or full time basis, I can provide the necessary tools and action to get the job done and even more. Current and past clients will agree that I am a hard working, quick learning, easy to work with person. From computer maintenance to enterprise application programming, I offer my services to those who want the job done right, at competitive prices of course. But I digress.

Much of the site is dedicated to projects I do on my own time revolving around sound and artificial intelligence. This site is all hand coded by me and future endeavors will continue to be so. I also intend to use this site and its focus as a gateway to learning new programming skills and picking up other disciplines such as audio engineering and artificial intelligence. I hope all who explore this site enjoy what I am doing as much as I do. Now if you excuse me, I need to flip my record.

Spiraled out of the Mind of Mike